EXERCISE A1 –  it all begins with a fresh mind and a great attitude
EXERCISE A2 –  cultivating a longer-term focus with your goals
EXERCISE A3 –  making time for good time management
EXERCISE A4 –  the art of business adaptability
EXERCISE A5 –  developing that strong personal brand
EXERCISE A6 –  effective networking
EXERCISE A7 –  email, online & face-2-face listening
EXERCISE A8 - quotations, price increases and negotiations
EXERCISE A9 –  getting people to say YES to a meeting
EXERCISE A10 – why we go that extra mile?


WORKSHOP - Exceptional Sales Professionals

To accompany the book is probably the most comprehensive sales training course ever assembled in one place.

It takes over 20 real-life scenarios and shares the tips and techniques to help take any sales professional to the next level in their career and future success. 

​A full programme of 3 days can be edited and tailored to suit any client needing a 1 or 2 day course depending on the individual needs. 

​Colin personally delivers the entire programme from any location throughout Europe or the USA. 

Colin has spent most of his career in front-line sales and his soon to be published book “a day in the life of exceptional sales professionals” is an in-depth and inspiring accumulation of his life-long experiences, successes, and challenges that have taken him on the adventurous world-wide journey that he is actually still very much on!

The book focuses on 30 real-life sales scenarios such as trying to get a prospect to agree to a meeting, having complete control on a sales call, managing those difficult moments and everything else that is familiar territory for any professional sales person. 

Colin shares the basic background to each scenario then follows up with what exceptional sales professionals do in those situations, providing great insights and tips along the way.

Finally Colin shares his own real-life story from that particular scenario to bring the whole book to life.




EXERCISE B1 –  achieving that first phone call with a prospective client
EXERCISE B2 –  continuing to build your pipeline
EXERCISE B3 –  the gatekeeper!
EXERCISE B4 –  the fear of rejection
EXERCISE B5 –  creating that confident sales pitch to a prospect
EXERCISE B6 –  handling those difficult moments and difficult people
EXERCISE B7 –  when you are suddenly undercut on price
EXERCISE B8 –  when you are doing everything right but still not there
EXERCISE B9 –  are they buying from you or your organisation?
EXERCISE B10 – having complete control in the sales call?



EXERCISE C1 –  online selling and communications
 –  the consultative sales call
EXERCISE C3 –  the wrap-Up and sales strategy going forward