Founder - Achieve International Srl


"To simply Raise the Bar in business excellence with every organisation or individual that I work with"


"From a manufacturing backround moving into sales, sales management and then  corporate training, my experience covers a wide spectrum giving me the attitude and ability to immediately connect  and work effectively with professionals"

Senior Vice-President of Avison Young

Associate Lecturer - University of Bucharest


"Raised in deepest Herefordshire, England, I have dual citizenship of both British and Irish nationality. I have lived in Bucharest for nearly 7 years now. I am the proud father of two great boys (Dan & Matt) and last year became an equally proud Grandfather to Freddie. I'm a Tottenham Hotspur and Hereford FC supporter and love all sports especially golf . Having extensively travelled many parts of this fascinating world, I wish to discover more and more new horizons in my continuing life journey. Romania is my home and I, like many other fellow expats, love Romania and appreciate everything about its natural beauty, treasured traditions and historical charm"

Vice- Chairman - British Romanian Chamber of Commerce

About ME

Senior Vice-President - Avison Young

"I guess that I would describe myself as an energetic and committed individual with a passion for helping professionals and organisations succeed. I have been fortunate enough to have travelled and trained around the world and have  very proudly developed literally hundreds of CEO's , Senior Managers, Sales People and other professionals in the USA, Canada, China, South Africa, Germany, France, Spain, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Estonia and, of course, Romania"

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Senior Tutor - Institute of Sales Management


"Particularly in Management development I say that a clever Manager  should work on surrounding themselves with people much more smarter than they are!                                          ....I can help make this happen"


"I would guess that my uniqueness stems from an ability to entertain through teaching and to guarantee results every time with a confident follow-up and continuation with all my clients"