"Colin was terrific, dynamic and his lecture and quick tips was applicable and useful to all.              His whole training session was extremely impactful and we are better people as a consequence"                                Canadian Embassy - Bucharest

​                                                                                      ASSOCIATE LECTURER - UNIVERSITY OF BUCHAREST
International Business partner - BRAINOVATE


Colin C Lovering  

"The best thing about being taught by Colin is that everything he teaches you is real, inspirational and usable. He has made a  really big impact on my abilities and effectiveness as a people Manager"                                                      Mihai - Petrom

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                                                                                      senior advisor - real estate & office design

"One of the best workshops I’ve ever taken. Thank you very much for the course. From content, contribution and opportunity to participate, the learning was eye-opening and informative. I will definitely recommend this to others"                                                                  Happy Tours

"Colin is without doubt the best trainer I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Motivational and an exceptional role model in all areas of business life. A true leader, full of commitment and energy"              James Mead - Director at Tollit & Harvey